List of R & D equipments


A rheometer measures visco-elastic properties of materials beyond just viscosity. Rheology is the flow of fluids and deformation of solids under various kinds of stress and strain. A rheometer, therefore, measures material behavior such as yield stress, kinetic properties, complex viscosity, modulus, creep, and recovery.

Digital Tensile Testing Machine:

The test specimen is held between two grips the upper one of which is connected to the load indicating arrangement while the lower moves down at constant speed with the help of a motor operated screw. The elongation is measured as the displacement of the lower grip. The equipment is designed to test as per international specifications.

Suitable for:

Hot Air Oven cum Incubator:

Determination of various physical characteristics of different materials and products at elevated temperatures may be carried out by heating the test specimens to the appropriate temperature inside a constant temperature air oven and determining the required characteristics with the specimens kept under the same temperature. For this purpose the equipment needed for conducting the determination can either be kept inside the oven along with the test specimens, or, if this is not feasible because of certain constrains, by taking the heated specimens out from the oven and conducting the test in still air within the shortest possible span of time.

Adhesion Tester:

The value of adhesion testing of applied coatings and linings in the industrial market has been an issue for many years. Recent developments have raised concerns -- if not out-and-out doubts -- about using adhesion results as a predictor of coating life performance.

Lab Hydraulic Press:

A rubber transfer molding press is ideal for product consistency, giving the same specialized form each and every time. Transfer molding presses combine the best features of compression molding with all the advantages of injection molding. Having dimensional stability and excellent surface finish possible using a compression molding press, you also get the low cost and high-automation capabilities that make an injection molding press so ideal for today's rubber molding industries.