MPrint Rubber

MPrint Classic

Classic compound completes the basic requirements of printing mechanism. Dependant on level of acrylonitrile content; low gas permeability, good heat age and ozone resistance, resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons and oils. In addition to its resistance to petroleum oils, it is highly resistant to mineral oils, vegetable oils, and many acids. It also has good elongation properties as well as adequate resilience, tensile and compression set.

MPrint Ultima

ULTIMA is one of the best all-purpose elastomers where resistance to ozone, sunlight, oxidation and many petroleum derivatives are of prime importance. Added advantages include good resistance to water, many chemicals... plus good resilience characteristics and tensile strength properties. While slightly higher in price than general purpose synthetic rubbers, its resistance to ozone, oil and chemicals override the cost differential then Mprint CLASSIC.

MPrint Euro

EURO is recommended for Alcohol, UV ink, cold/heat set machines. Very good resistance to oxidizing agents, some oils, ozone & weathering, and refrigerants. Self extinguishing and good adhesion to metals. Very high durability and abrasion resistance, petroleum and water resistance, unless modified with litharge cure compounds.

PU Coating

PU (POLY UTHERENE) coating is widely used in printing and packaging machines. Its high molecular weight provides excellent abrasion resistant product preventing gouging, scuffing and scraping. It has self- lubricating characteristics. Properties are maintained even at low temperatures.Moisture and water (including inks) have no affect on coating. It can be used in water or ink immersion applications also.


Hard Chrome Plating is an electrolytic process utilizing a chromic acid based electrolyte. harder than most industrial abrasives and steel counter faces 850-100Hv (65-70Rc),. Unusually, it combines this hardness with a degree of toughness, so the deposit can stand up to high stress contact. Even under high contact stress. It gives a very low wear rate (at least 100 times better than hardened steels or electroless nickel) with abrasive products like textiles, paper and food stuffs. With thick deposits, it gives excellent wear resistance under high stress contact against sand, coal, cement, limestone, glass fibers, etc.

With abrasion being the most common and destructive wear process found in industry, hard chrome has the potential to solve many problems in ROLLERS, valves, pistons, etc. throughout a wide range of industries; including pharmaceutical, Paper, Textiles, Printing, Food, mining, and countless others.


Silicone rubber is a unique synthetic elastomer made from a crosslinked polymer that is reinforced with silica. Its characteristics are such that it provides the perfect balance of mechanical and chemical properties required by many of today's most demanding industrial applications.

Silicone rubber coating features and benefits

Water resistant

Compared to organic coatings, silicone elastomeric coatings offer:

Superior cold resistance (specialty silicone rubber grades can perform at temperatures as low as -50°C)