Printing Industry

Diversity of printing systems requires different roll types where formulation of rubber, roller hardness, surface structure and elasticity change according to the type of printing system. Thus the production will be arranged according to these needs: sheet offset rollers, web offset rollers and flexography rollers.
A basic printing machine roller structure is showcased like this:

At MPRL we are using the latest technology of SEAMLESS RUBBER COATING. The new technology enables us to do the coating on the rollers without joints. This ensures best quality and log life of rubber roller even running on very high speed.

Features of printing rollers produced by extrusion technology :

Basic Notes for Printers

It should be noted that the contact gap of the cylinder must have the values that have been stipulated to avoid problem of its edges dropping off fast. In multi-colour machines, rolls help a great deal to wash the cylinder that works continuously and periodically. Beware of cleaning substance like gasoline and solvent causing rubbers to swell by damaging its structure.
In cylinder coating, outer diameters of the rolls mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual must be taken as basis. Error in outer diameter measurement causes undesired results in ink density. The required cylinder’s area of usage is important because if the producer makes the coating in the rigidity level that is appropriate for the area of usage, the running efficiency of the cylinder will be increased.
Bearings and shaft ends of the new coated or used rolls must be straight and rotate without balance. Otherwise that will cause problems of faulty transfer of ink. Rollers should be cleaned during stoppage of the machine otherwise the ink which dries quickly will stick on it which in turn causes affusions on rubber surface.


Why buy new rollers?

The serious benefits of buying new are outlined below :
Each roller is manufactured from NEW core is covered and manufactured to exacting standards and OEM specifications, this ensures CONCENTRICITY. Every time an old roller is recovered there is a greater chance of losing concentricity, simply due to the recovery process. This can lead to problems of ink/water balance and so affect print quality, and ultimately your customer’s print. Rollers are made from calendared sheet and vulcanised in computer controlled dry air and steam injected autoclaves. This method of roller manufacturing is widely accepted as state of the art.

Why compromise? MRL quality rollers ensure concentricity, balancing and ensuring quality every time.

Many of our rollers include new bearings so are press ready. Our Heidelberg range is also complemented by the fact that the rollers include brand new oscillating mechanisms. Worn bearings, shafts and bushings are all a thing of the past. No machine down time!

Our response time is industry-leading and second to none!

Avoid the expense of returning old worn rollers. Because each of our rollers is new. Quite simply throw your old rollers away! You’ll never need them again. At our prices you won’t think twice.